Welded Screens & Strainer Baskets

Flat screen surface profile

TrislotĀ® welded screens are directly produced as a flat screen. This avoids the chance of stress corrosion and the weakening of the welds, which does occur with opening and flattening slottubes (this is the normal way to manufacture flat screens).

For special applications welded screens can be made out of slottube. The Tri slotĀ® welded screens are available in very light constructions (115/Q25) as well as more robust forms (S0S/50×3) and can be provided with the necessary frame and/or reinforcements.

Features and Benefits

  • A combination of different support profiles and pitches within one flat screen is possible.
  • Curved screens; curve direction and filtration direction are to be determined by the customer.


  • Candle filters
  • Nozzles
  • Resin traps
  • Baskets
  • Distributor & collector laterals
  • Water intake screen
  • Smoke gas filtration
  • Rotary screen


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