TefloGas®Filter Cartridges

Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane · Sterilizing Grade

TefloGas filter cartridges, manufactured with hydrophobic PTFE membranes, and specially designed for the removal of micro-organisms and particles from air and gases.

Due to their permanent hydrophobicity, TefloGas offers the highest process security, even with high volume gas streams, extreme humidity and stringent in-line steam sterilizations.

Features and Benefits

  • Inherently hydrophobic.
  • Exceptionally high flow rates with and low pressure drops.
  • Steam sterilisable up to 150 cycles at 121°C.
  • Integrity testable by all methods including Water Intrusion Test.
  • Narrow pore size distribution ensures the ultimate in retention and flow rate
  • Absolute rated filtration.

Filter Applications, Documentation and Enquiries

  • Sterile Gas & Vent Validated Bacteria Retention

TefloGas®Filter Cartridges