Spiral wrapped surface profile

Slottubes are composed of a surface profile that is spirally wrapped around axial support profiles and attached to each other by resistance welding. These filter elements have the unique advantages of very accurate, narrow slot openings and perfect roundness all in one.

Slottubes can be provided with the necessary endpieces for attachments and/or reinforcements.


Features and Benefits

  • Inverted profile for filtration in to out, with support profiles att he inside, is possible for most profile combinations.


  • Variable slotopening is possible for slottubes with diameter up to 914mm.
  • By using support profiles, an axial slot can be obtained. These filter elements are called continuous cylinders


  • Candle filters
  • Nozzles
  • Resin traps
  • Baskets
  • Distributor & collector laterals
  • Water intake screen
  • Smoke gas filtration
  • Rotary screen


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