MultiPoly®Filter Cartridges

Multi-layer Pleated Polypropylene Media · Particle Removal

MultiPoly Filter Cartridges are an all-polypropylene pleated depth filter cartridge. The design adopts depth filter technology for a graded pore size, higher dirt holding capacity, avoids filter surface jams, and eliminates high viscosity contaminants (gels and agglomerates).

The graded pore size distribution from coarse (upstream) to fine (downstream) which removes particles gradually and extends the filter’s service life making it especially suited for high suspended particulates, colloids and viscous liquids.

Features and Benefits

  • Media constructed of 5-7 layers with a larger pore size on the upstream and a smaller pore size on the downstream. This enables additional particle loading and high dirt holding capacity.


  • Multi-layer Nano Fiber Media eliminates particles according to pore size distribution and significantly increase lifetime.
  • Multi-layer Nano Fiber Media provides excellent removal of contaminant capabilities, including gels and agglomerates.


  • Polypropylene construction yields excellent chemical compatibility.


  • Gel Material
  • Fermentation Broth
  • Culture Medium
  • Serum
  • High Viscosity Material


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