Milling Mesh

SAATI Milling Mesh

We distribute milling meshes and accessories on behalf of SAATITECH, an Italian manufacturer, under their brand name SAATIMIL. SaatiMilTM screens are precision woven for accurate, high-capacity particle separation.

We are able to manufacture to customers specifications, sifter sleeves, connector sleeves as well as dust filter bags for mills. Throughout the world, SaatiMilTM screens are known for their high capacity, longevity, perfect fit and competitive pricing.

Features and Benefits

  • Metal fatigue: Vibration ultimately causes a metal screen to harden and break. Synthetic screens resist fatigue far longer.


  • Safety: When metal screens fail, small pieces break off, these can be dangerous in food. When a synthetic screen fails, it generally tears without fibres breaking off.


  • Blinding: Particles that are approximately the same size as the screen openings can become wedged between rigid metal wires causing the screen to blind. Synthetic screens are more flexible, allowing the particles to work free.
  • Abrasion: Nylon is very abrasion resistant and is often used to separate abrasive particles to work free.


  • Corrosion: Nylon screens are well suited for alkaline applications, which polyester screens are better suited for acidic applications.


  • Flour milling
  • Abrasive sifting
  • Chemical Classification
  • Pharmaceutical separation
  • Sand sifting
  • Corn, Sugar and Rice separation

Dimensions / Parameters

SaatiMil XXX grades have a large fiber size and are used for hard grades of wheat and durum or other abrasive grains.

SaatiMil GG or Grit Gauze grades are woven with coarser opening sizes with a smaller fiber to provide a higher screening capacity.

SaatiMil HT are high-capacity screens in medium and finer opening sizes. They have a higher tensile strength and better abrasive resistance than the SaatiMil XX grades. They are ideal for the newer type sifting frames, which have glued-on screens requiring high tensile stretching.

SaatiMil XX fabrics are woven with two smaller diameter fibers adjacent to one another. This construction provides a rougher surface to the screen, which is beneficial when sieving soft wheat, bakery flour, and other products that are difficult to sift.





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