LOFTREX™ Filter Cartridges

LOFTREX™Filter Cartridges are suitable for the filtration of Water treatment, pure water pre-filtration, edible oils, fine chemicals, resins, reverse osmosis, DI water, sea water desalination, wine (pre-filtration), beverages, film development, fixing baths, solvents, cosmetics and galvanic baths.

Features & Benefits

  • Does not contain an inner core.


  • Comply with FDA requirements and are free of any binding agents.


  • Depth filters with a high pore volume and high dirt holding capacity.
  • Temperature resistant to 60°C.


  • The polypropylene material offers excellent chemical compatibility.

Filter Specifications

Rentention Ratings:
1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 75 μm

Maximum Differential Pressure:
2.5 bar @ 25°C

Maximum Working Temperature:


Dimensions / Parameters

Filter Medium:
Polypropylene (melt blown)

Outside Diameter:
64 mm

Inside Diameter:
28 mm

5”, 9¾”, 10”, 19½”, 20”, 29”, 30”, 39”, 40”, 50”

Removal rating and Batch no. on plastic wrapping


Datasheet / Documentation

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