GlassFlow®Filter Cartridges

Glass fiber Media · Particle Removal

Cobetter GlassFlow filter cartridges are made with Positive Zeta modified glass microfiber media for enhanced efficiency. These filters have a high dirt holding capacity and exhibit exceptional flow performance compared to polypropylene filters.

Designed for removal of contaminants like colloids, lipids, protein aggregates and particles from biopharmaceutical and beverage fluids.

Features and Benefits

  • Positive Zeta provides higher dirt holding capacity and adsorptive effect, insure excellent particle retention efficiency.


  • Built-in polypropylene prefiltration layer.


  • Fine clarification of products and ancillary liquids to extend the lifetime of micro porous membrane filters.
  • Low pressure drops, High flow rates, and long service life.
  • Extremely good chemical compaibility.


  • Particle removal


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