Ecocart Single Cartridge Filter Housing

304SS and 316L series cartridge filters

Features & Benefits

  • Light weight construction lightweight SS 304 construction


  • Easy to operate central bolt closure


  • Economical cartridge filter housing
  • Inlet/outlet 1″ female BSP threaded connection


  • Suitable for DOE (double open ended) cartridges 9¾” to 30” length

Dimensions / Parameters

ECOCART (EKF) “E” series cartridge filters are made for double open end (DOE) cartridges. Manufactured in SS 304, they consist of a head and a sump, connected by a center rod with a cap nut. Head and sump, as well as head and cap nut are sealed with flat ring gaskets. The sump is equipped with a bottom drain. An optional bracket is available for mounting the filter to the wall.

ECOCART “BE” series cartridge filters are made of brass (head and union nut) and SS 304 (sump) for the use with DOE filter cartridges. The union nut is pulled over the sump and screwed to the head. The sump and head are sealed by a NBR head O-ring. The O-ring can also be supplied in FPM. An optional bracket is available for wall mounting.



ECOCART Type EKF-109-E EKF-120-E EKF-130-E
Max. Flow Rate (m3/h) 2.4 4.8 4.8
Max. Operating Conditions (bar/°C) 10/121 10/121 10/121
Housing Dimensions (mm) A 349 603 857
Housing Dimensions (mm) B 281 535 789

Datasheet / Documentation

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