Ecocart Multi Cartridge Filter Housings

ECOCART cartridge filter housings are suitable for all standard DOE (double open end) cartridges, with a maximum outside diameter of 71 mm.


  • Light weight construction, lightweight SS 304 construction


  • Easy to operate V-clamp closure


  • Economical cartridge filter housing
  • Inlet/outlet 2″ female BSP threaded connection


  • Suitable for DOE (double open ended) cartridges 9¾” to 30” length

Dimensions / Parameters

ECOCART cartridge filter housings (EKF) are made in a lightweight SS 304 construction for use with standard DOE filter cartridges. The housings feature a V-clamp closure sealing with an NBR O-ring. FPM is available as an option. ECOCART cartridge filters are manufactured as self-supporting versions (500 series) or with legs (1200 series and larger). To mount a gauge or a vent to the housing, the lids are equipped with 1/4” BSP female ports. There are 1/2” BSP drains for clean and dirt-drain in the lower part of the housing. All filter cartridges (DOE style) are secured by means of a hold down plate tightened with a center rod/bolt.



Datasheet / Documentation

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