CSD Lenticular Filter

Cobetter CSO series filters use composite material with a high purity Lignocellulose and Inorganic filter aid agent. Its inner crisscrossing three-dimensional structure makes it a depth filter and provides excellent filtration efficiency, high dirty holding capacity and longer life. Filter paper production use supermatic production lines.

All raw materials are tested by strict quality control processes, to ensure the filter quality and high performance.

Features and Benefits

  • It is essential to supply air, carbon dioxide and N2 in beer processing


  • Supply of sterile air is important to maintain the consistency and the quality of your beer
  • Cobetter sterile air system is designed by two series connections: The prefiltration step uses GGFP filter cartridges and the final filtration step uses TefloGas. This design ensures “100% sterilization”


  • Sterile Air filtration in yeast propagating process
  • Aerating sterile filtration
  • Multivoltage filtering


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