BevClear®Filter Cartridges

Polypropylene Media · Absolute Partical Removal

Cobetter BevClear filter cartridge is constructed by nano fiber media. Its sate-of-art pleated construction and support materials maximize backwash cleaning efficiency.

BevClear combines high dirty holding capacity with longer life and extremely high flow rates. Recommended for beverage filtration.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides closely controlled porosity and high filtration area


  • Super fine nano medium provide high efficiency and high dirty holding capacity
  • Special construction design ensures backwash cleaning with increased life of filter


  • Raw water filtration where the longevity of the filter can be enhanced by repetitive backwashing
  • Trap Filtration(police or guard filtration)
  • Removal of carbon and resin fines downstream from treatment process
  • Clarification of CIP solutions prior to their use with fine prefilter cartridges and microporous membranes Clarification of wine and beer.


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